Selecting a Modular Dealer

Shopping for a modular home or for modular house plans means, first and foremost, finding a dealer who offers the kind of home you want and can back it up with good support and fair modular home prices. Many customers find this process both difficult and confusing. It is not like shopping for a new car or refrigerator. There are no consumer magazines offering comparisons and recommendations on modular home companies. Unless you know several people who have already built prefab houses and can offer advice on specific modular home companies, it may be hard to take the first step.

Part of the difficulty rests in the fact that modular home dealers (and all house builders, for that matter) offer different levels of craftsmanship and service, different materials and techniques that typical customers know little about, price variations that seem to make little sense, a variety of modular house plans, and a package of choices that can be more overwhelming than enticing.

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