Modular Capabilities

There's more to modular construction than meets the eye. From single family homes and commercial business to schools and churches - there's almost nothing we can't do.


Our manufacturer offers 5 million square feet of capacity, allowing plenty of room for larger projects. Their state-of-the-art facilities are divided into 28 stations all protected from the harmful effects of outside moisture and dirt. With computer-aided precision, they cut to exact lengths and angles for strong, tight fits. Jigs ensure square framing, allowing true wall-to-floor and wall-to-wall ties secured with lag bolts for strong, square connection. Quality control personnel inspect every aspect at every stage, ensuring our houses meet or exceed all national, state and local codes.


Our manufacturer has designed and built high-quality, single-family modular homes for many years. They currently offer hundreds of single-family home plans. Their experience, efficient process and endless options ensure that the homeowner's expectations are always met.


Start with one of our multi-family home plans and then customize further for your specific needs. From duplexes to townhouses, we can provide shorter timelines and reduced cost over site-built construction.


When building a vacation home, design flexibility and quality are key. While giving you the cost and time benefits of modular construction. Modular homes have been known to withstand hurricane winds better than site-built homes*.


The modular process is perfect for capitalizing on the growing market for 50+ communities. Multiple units and larger facilities can be constructed in a fraction of the time, with reduced costs for a quicker turnaround on builder investments. 50+ homeowners are able to get into their retirement homes sooner and also benefit from our accessible design plans.


With MBSI, you can get all of the advantages, cost and time efficiencies of the modular building process. Our process is completely scalable to offer construction solutions for any commercial or institutional project, from businesses to churches to schools.

* FEMA, Building Systems Magazine, Nov/Dec 2004 Issue

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